The company


                Geiger Maschinenbau AG was founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1970 by Hans Geiger.

                The company headquarters are at Hauptstrasse 49 in 4952 Eriswil..





Our task

is to produce and sell the highest quality products and equipment. Quality is based on high-quality components, selected partnerships, proven production processes and highly motivated and well-trained employees. 

We work

environmentally aware and therefore want to contribute significantly to the protection of our environment. We use resource-saving production methods, waste separation and prevention. It is very important to us to operate sustainably and ecologically, so that the environmental impact is kept as low as possible. 

Our Vision                   

We see our business success as a result of the overall performance of all employees. Commitment, sense of responsibility, friendliness, loyalty and high qualification of each individual are essential prerequisites for this. Our dealings with each other are open, direct and respectful. The well-being of all employees is important to us. We expect and promote excellence.